Sunday, March 6, 2011

In My Mailbox #3

    Hello Readers,
    I know this post is a day late, which is why I've decided that IMM will now be posted on Sundays because Saturdays are really hectic for me. Here is a list of the books in the video:
       Under a War-Torn Sky by L.M. Elliot ( from last week)
       A Model Summer by Paulina Porizkova ( from last week)
       Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation
      Fallen by Lauren Kate
 You'll notice that two of the books are repeats from last week. I decided to put them in the video this week because I didn't make a video last week.
    What did you get in your mailbox? Tell me in the comments and feel free to leave a direct link to your IMM post as well.
    Hope everyone's having a great book week!
             ~ Marriah

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Sab H. said...

Hey Mariah! I just wanted to let you know that YES, you can review more than 15 historical novels and enter them for challenge giveaways, there's no maximum. Good luck and happy reading ;)