Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: The Boys of Summer by Richard Denney

The Boys Of Summer (Book 1: Secrets)  The Boys of Summer( Book one: Secrets)
Declan Ambrose is an openly gay vampire in love with a human...whom he's never met. Sent on a mission by his coven's leader, Victor, to retieve a bracelet from Riley Morgan. Riley is a teen boy with an awful fate and Declan is determined to save him from it. As for his mission, his love for Riley may hinder Declan's progress in that.
   I didn't enjoy this novella as well as I did the rest of Richard's works. I'm not sure what it was, but I didn't like Declan and reading this book, told through the point of view of his eyes, was hard. Honestly, Declan's motives are a little blurred makig his whole character less than believable. On the other hand, I loved Riley. He is my favorite character of Richard's to date. He is the character torn between love and what he must do. But it doesn't feel fake, which I love. I really hope to see more from him. The storyline was good and it definitely kept me guessing and engaged. Overall, absolutely worth the read .
Level of Romance: Just count on a lovesick vampire narrating the story. His thoughts are enough to spice it up.
Rating: Like
Buy it here
Pages (on the kindle): 66
Chapters: 6
Source: Amazon
Edition: Kindle e-Book
Release Date: August 2nd, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Read Dangerously Final Report

So, it's officially over, this read-a-thon. I didn't do too shabby. Here are the stats:
Books Read: 4
1. Schooled by Gordon Korman
2. Crash by Jerry Spinelli
3. Claimed by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine
4. Tricked by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine

Pages Read:488

Hours of Reading: about 9

Best book Read: I think it's a pretty close call between Crash and Schooled. I enjoyed both so much and they are both written by my favorite authors. If I had to choose, I would probably go with Schooled because it has a little more depth to the narration and character arches.

Worst Book Read: This one is really tough because I sincerely enjoyed all the books I read. I'm not going to pick anything for this category.

Did you enjoy the read-a-thon?: Absolutely. I read a lot in these past three days and the challenges were really inventive and a great relief when you needed a midday break from reading. I'm really glad I participated!

I always seem to be come super busy during a read-a-thon. I really should have logged more hours of reading and gotten more done. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, right?
I'll have all the reviews up soon (within a week I hope!) so you can know all there is to love and dislike about these books. See ya'll soon and Happy Reading,
                              :D Marriah

Friday, August 12, 2011

Read Dangerously Day Two Challenges

1. The object of this challenge is to describe what you are reading in 7 words or less. Here it goes:
                  Home-schooled boy goes to public school.
That was my 7 word description of Schooled by Gordan Korman

2. The second challenge of today is to come up with a dream cast for one of your read-a-thon books. I'm going to use the other book I'm reading for this one, which is Tricked by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine.

    Brody is a popular jock with money and a cocky attitude. I'd cast Brody Jenner as him.

Campbell is another jock, but he's really nice and new to the popular scene. He also happens to be some kind of obsessed with the new girl. I'm choosing Chace Crawford.

Natalia is the new girl with a worrisome past that she is running from and hiding from her new schoolmates. I'm gonna choose Kristen Stewart.

And lastly, I'll cast the resident It girl of Santa Anna. Raine is the girl who is at the top of the social food chain and gets whatever she wants. Miley Cyrus is who I'd choose to play her.

So I've still got quitea few pages to read, so wish me luck and I'll update you tomorrow.
  :D Marriah


Read Dangerously Day One Report

  It's now day two of this read-a-thon and I've decided to give you an updated version of how I did yesterday.
   Books Read
1. Crash by Jerry Spinelli (162 pages)
2. Claimed by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine (60 pages)

Currently Reading
1. Schooled by Gordan Korman
2. Tricked by Lauren Barnholt and Aaron Gorvine

Day One Stats:
Total Pages Read- 222
Total Reading Hours- about 4
Total Books Read- 2

I'm really happy with how much I got done on day one. Let's hope that luck transers to day two! Wish me luck
            :D Marriah

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Read Dangerously Read-a-Thon Update and Challenges

Since I can't just read one book at a time, I am currently reading two books for this challenge, both of which will be finished by the end of today.

1. Claimed(Witches of Santa Anna Book One) by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine
Claimed (The Witches of Santa Anna, #1)    44 out of 60 pages complete

2. Crash by Jerry Spinelli
    92 out of 168 pages complete

Hours Read (so far): 3
Total pages read (so far): 136

Here are today's challenges:

1. For this challenge, we are supposed to pick 1-3 songs that relate to the book we're currently reading. Since I'm reading two, I'm going to use the use Claimed for this one.
    A. Decode by Paramore
           Reason: This book reminds me of Twilight sorta with the new girl and the mysterious kids that everyone swoons over. This song kinda embodies that along with the questionable romance aspect, which is also present in the book.
     B. Shameless by All Time Low
             Reason: I feel like this song plays every time Raine, one of the popular main characters, walks into the room. It definitely describes her in title alone.

2. The second challenge was to have a mini excerpt of your current read that doesn't contain spoilers. I'm going to use Crash for this one. This excerpt is from page 17:
                " My mother  didn't like the peel job on the tree, so I was grounded for three days. My sister  
collected the scraps of bark and got some Elmer's glue and pasted them back on the tree trunk like a jigsaw puzzle."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Read Dangerously Read-a-Thon Reading List

Because the another read-a-thon starts tomorrow, I decided I would post my reading list today and explain some suff.

Reading List
1. Schooled by Gordan Korman

2. Crash by Jerry Spinelli

3. A Dog Called Grk by Joshua Doder

I also have a few titles that I might read if I can get to them. They are as follows:
4. That Summer by Sarah Dessen

5. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


Now for some explainations. I won't be posting video updates during this challenge because my computer is having issues. But I will be posting updates at the end of every day. The posts will include all the things I am going to be keeping track of. Those things are hours of reading, number of books read, and number of pages read. I probably won't be reviewing any of the books until after the read-a-thon is over.
   Just thought I would update ya'll. Happy reading
                  :D Marriah          

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you to Holly @Full Moon Bites for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award.  The goal of the award is to spotlight up and coming bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers.

The rules of the award are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

Here are my picks:
3. Richard Denney @ The Book Whore

Friday, August 5, 2011

Read Dangerously Read-a-Thon Prep Post

This post is very important. This post means I am an official participant in...

This read-a-thon is only a small part of an even bigger event at All By MySHELF, celebrating Ren's 20th birthday. And everyone knows: big event + blogging = PRIZES!

Here are the important details about the read-a-thon:

The Read Dangerously Read-A-Thon will start at 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 11, and end at 10 p.m. on Saturday, August 13. There will be mini-challenges on each day, so you'll have something to amuse yourself during your reading breaks. You can participate on all days or just a few, whatever you feel like or your schedule allows.

But that's not all! Everyone that participates in the read-a-thon will be entered to win $15 to The Book Depository! One winner will get their choice of any already released as of August 20) YA book, and because it's BD, the contest is open to anyone that lives in one of these countries. And if you say Marriah @ Rambling Bookmarks sent you, we'll both get an extra entry! All you have to do to be eligible for the giveaway is sign up for the read-a-thon and post an end of day update on one of the read-a-thon days. Yep, that simple.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go sign up!