Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: "Hello," I Lied by M.E.Kerr

Hello, I Lied: A NovelLang Penner is a teenage boy spending the summer on the exclusive estate of retired rocker, Ben Nevada. His mother is a cook for Nevada and Lang is just along for the ride. When Nevada gets a guest from France, the lovely Huguette, Lang is employed to keep her busy. Lang is reluctant, but as time wears on, he begins to like hanging out with Hugette. In fact, she makes him question his status as homosexual and everything he's already decided for himself. One thing is for sure, that summer will be one Lang will never forget.
I loved this book so much. Lang was a great narrator with an authentic teen attittude. Even though I didn't expect it, this book kept me up at night finishing the last page and then hours after that thinking about the outcome that shocked me, but at the same time didn't. Honestly, after finishing this book, I feel how Langdescribes himself at the beginning: torn. Lang questioning his sexuality is something I expected to be so much more awkward, but Kerr does a great job making it flow into the story. I had preconcieved notions about this book, but as I read and became entangled with the characters, they all melted away. In my opinion this has everything that an LGBTQ book should have.
   As a warning, this book does have some mature language like "fag". The word is used quite a bit so...Also, as an LGBTQ book, sexual interactions is addressed and talked about.
  Level of Romance: mild? I guess it's not really romance-y, but Lang does talk about his feelings ...
Rating: Favorite

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