Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi There!!!

Hello fellow readers,
    It must be obvious that I am an avid reader if not an obsessive compulsive one. But, if it's not, you now know. I have a confession...I am addicted to books. I can't get enough, no matter how many I own, read, or hear about. But, I've noticed it's a common condition among the blogging community. I finally don't feel alone! But really, living in a small town doesn't really give one much to do but read, write, take part in illegal acts, and hike or other outdoors thing. I live in a town so small, it's not on a map, but many have heard about the neighboring cities and it's region; the Adirondack Mountains. I'll admit it may be the most beautiful place I've ever been, but perhaps I'm a bit biased. But my love for books started at a much younger age in the somewhat large city of Austin, Texas. I was six when we moved away from there, but before that, I practically lived on the public library as my older brother volunteered there. To make this complicated story short, I spent a lot of time around books and people who encouraged me to love books, so naturally I can't live without books. Even now, 9 years after my original infatuation, I spend way more time in libraries and bookstores than should be allowed. Which could explain why my reading list is never ending...
    Anyways, I've read so many books that I know what's good..or at least what I like. So I've turned to reviewing books, sharing my opinion of books with others. I already do this in reality, constantly searching for books my friends will love and reviewing all the new books in the libraries. But life is about expanding your horizons, right?
   I hope you enjoy what you find in the posts on this blog and maybe even find a few books you'll love. Look for new features that will certainly come. Suggest books for review. Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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