Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Loser Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Cammy Hall has always been a loser. With her only friend, Gerdi, the Danish foreign exchange student by her side her goal is to get through Junior year without doing something drastically embarrassing. At Homecoming when she flashes her Christmas print "granny panties" she fails to complete this mission. Days after the incident she gets a mysterious and anonymous text  with instructions on how to get revenge. After ripping down the most popular girl in school, with the planning from the texter, Cammy begins to rise up the high school social food chain. But how long can Cammy's popularity last with only the support of lies and secrets?

                   259 pages (paperback)
                         24 chapters plus Bonus Material
                      Genre: Young Adult
      Loser Queen is the type of book that grips you from the first page and still lingers on your mind long after you've finished the last. It's really fast paced and it works to the story's advantage, keeping a reader engaged at all times. It seems like before one thing is finished, another is beginning. Cammy isn't really your typical "loser". She has a charm and quirk that grows and changes over the course of the book. When Gerdi and Cammy are together, they are too funny. I never expected the answer to the mystery, which is really important to a story like this, evn though I'd spend more time than should be normal racking my brain for a possible answer. Overall, it's the kind of cute and sweet novel about growing up and out of your high school social standing and breaking out of the status quo. Loser Queen makes you want to laugh, smile and cry all at once and when the pages run out, leaves you begging for more. Hilarious at times, emotional at others, deliciously fun and mysterious if you have not read Loser Queen stop whatever you are doing and find a copy ASAP!
   Level of romance: Medium to lots. It grows over as the story goes on, definitely plays a part in the story.
      Rating: 5 out of 5

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