Friday, August 12, 2011

Read Dangerously Day Two Challenges

1. The object of this challenge is to describe what you are reading in 7 words or less. Here it goes:
                  Home-schooled boy goes to public school.
That was my 7 word description of Schooled by Gordan Korman

2. The second challenge of today is to come up with a dream cast for one of your read-a-thon books. I'm going to use the other book I'm reading for this one, which is Tricked by Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine.

    Brody is a popular jock with money and a cocky attitude. I'd cast Brody Jenner as him.

Campbell is another jock, but he's really nice and new to the popular scene. He also happens to be some kind of obsessed with the new girl. I'm choosing Chace Crawford.

Natalia is the new girl with a worrisome past that she is running from and hiding from her new schoolmates. I'm gonna choose Kristen Stewart.

And lastly, I'll cast the resident It girl of Santa Anna. Raine is the girl who is at the top of the social food chain and gets whatever she wants. Miley Cyrus is who I'd choose to play her.

So I've still got quitea few pages to read, so wish me luck and I'll update you tomorrow.
  :D Marriah


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